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If there's a baby in your family who sleeps on an upper floor, you want a BabyRescue!

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How BabyRescue Saves Babies

BabyRescue, the life saving, portable baby and infant rescue device, in the news!
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Nobody likes to think about a worst-case scenario, but keeping your family safe means planning for the unimaginable.

Every year Firefighters see babies thrown from upper floors as desperate care-givers attempt to save them in emergency situations. 

Having a BabyRescue in your child's room provides you a fast and easy way to get them to safety from an upper floor. 

"You wouldn't go without a car seat or bike helmet.

 Don't put your baby to bed without a BabyRescue in the room."

Lieutenant Rick Peters, Founder, BabyRescue

BabyRescue Reviews



4.7 out of 5 stars

"We live in Sonoma, and I can't tell you what a relief it was to have the toddler rescue bag already to go during the wildfires. We were woken from our sleep to fires tearing thru town. We were able to evacuate and not need to use it. But I consider this money well spent. Peace of mind, absolutely."


"We just moved into a two story house with two small children. Purchased an escape ladder but realized it would be next to impossible to navigate the ladder with either an infant or a two year old. Obviously we hope to never need them, but knowing this device existed and the thought of not having it when needed was not acceptable to me as a parent.

If you are the type of person who does not want to depend on others for your and your children's safety, get this."


"Made with high quality materials. The zippers are oversized and of high quality also. It feels very hefty yet very light weight. There is black mesh for the child to breath. A clasp secures the zipper after you have zipped the baby inside, to prevent a fall In the event that the zipper should fail. This is so much better than tossing your baby to someone below or in the bushes."


Got Gondola?

BabyRescue safely evacuates babies and small children from any height-related emergency

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Park City
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Brundage Mountain Idaho
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