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  • What is BabyRescue?
    BabyRescue is a specially designed bag for evacuating babies and small children from an upper floor in the event of an emergency. It can be lowered out a window or handed over to a first responder.
  • Should we have a BabyRescue if we already have an escape ladder?
    Half of all children killed in fires are under 5 years old. For children who are too young to navigate a ladder, BabyRescue provides a safe device in which to lower them down to safety.
  • What makes BabyRescue so easy to use?
    Fires double in size every minute. Unlike inexpensive knock offs, our grip-line is pre-attached. All you do is take the bag out of its pouch, put your child in, zip the top and lower. To see how fast and easy BabyRescue is to use, watch the news coverage video on this website of a real mom testing a BabyRescue.
  • Where is the best place to store my BabyRescue?
    We recommend you keep your BabyRescue in your child's room in a location where you can reach it quickly. Many parents keep it under a crib.
  • Can BabyRescue be used more than once?
    Yes at the same fire event. If you use it in an emergency, provide us the incident number and we will replace your BabyRescue for free. Feel free to pass on your unused BabyRescue after your children have grown.
  • How much weight can BabyRescue hold?
    BabyRescue has been tested to 300 lbs, however it is our recommendation that you never put more than 75 lbs in it when attempting to lower. In my experience as a Professional Firefighter, any amount over 75 lbs can become too heavy for the public to lower safely. Please be skeptical of any evacuation bag that promises you a weight limit over 75 pounds.
  • Can I use my BabyRescue for a pet?
    Yes. You can use it for pets! The BabyRescue bag gives you a way to contain and evacuate hard-to-control panicked animals (cats) or hard-to-move animals such as birds or snakes.
  • What about other baby evacuation bags on the market?
    BabyRescue is patented and safety tested under the supervision of a Professional Firefighter and is the first baby evacuation bag to come to market. Consumers have posted images of imitation bags failing weight tests. Be suspicious of any manufacturer promising excessive weight limits. Please do extensive homework if you are considering one of the imitation baby evacuation bags. Cheaply made bags can be dangerous for your family.
  • Can I take my BabyRescue with me when I travel?
    Yes. Many customers take their BabyRescue with them when they travel or rent a vacation home. BabyRescue can easily fit in a suitcase or carry-on bag.
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