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Lieutenant Rick Peters

Lieutenant Rick Peters is a veteran Professional Firefighter, Paramedic, AND father of four children. He brings 30 years of experience in firefighting to the design of BABYRESCUE.


“I’ve seen firsthand how terrifying it is for a family to be trapped on an upper floor with a baby.  


I invented BABYRESCUE to give parents peace of mind and comfort knowing that in the event of an emergency, they will have a safe and easy way to get their babies to safety.”


Rick Peters

Founder and CEO, Safety International


Special note from the Founder

"Please beware of imitation baby rescue bags.  

Poorly designed grip-lines can slip through your fingers, openings in a side can endanger a baby's limb and inexpensive materials and sewing could result in a total product failure.


Promises of excessive weight limits are indicative of irresponsible manufacturers as lowering over 75 lbs is dangerous for most people.


BabyRescue is a patented rescue device made from emergency grade materials and fully tested by a Professional Firefighter." 


Safety International has been making BabyRescue baby evacuation bags since 2010. 


We are proud to offer our product direct to families, and be included in baby proofing kits with ladders in partnership with select baby proofing companies. We are thrilled to be on hand to assist gondola evacuations at top ski resorts.


Thank you to all of you who have purchased a BabyRescue!

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